Where we are:
  •  Our central location allows us to serve the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas.
  • The speed of SIPS construction allows us to serve a large area. 

What we do:
  • Exterior envelope framing
  • Complete framing services
  • Complete "turn-key" building
  • Panel Supply 


** We have worked with multiple manufacturers, and have developed relationships allowing us to help you get the best deal on your panel package regardless of who the builder is!
Why SIPs?
  • Published work from the Department of Energy that this can reduce heat loss or gain from the duct work up to 40%
  • SIPs homes can come precut from the manufacturer which dramatically reduces the on-site waste on your property.  Not sure exactly where you want a window?  It can easily be cut out on site.
  • Strength - Panels work as a system and have been found to be stronger than conventional framing.

Are SIPs good for rental properties?
  • We've found that it pays to build efficiently - literally.  Utilities can add up to 50% less, which would result in additional income for a SIPs property that is rented "utilities paid."
  • We have built 7 duplexes and 2 houses out of SIPs that we persoanlly own and manage with "utilities paid."  They are built for efficiency and to last, making them them perfect for a reliable, long term investment.​

Will any design work?
  • We can make any design work, although it is easier and more cost-effective with a simple roof line.  The more complex (valleys and ridges) the roof line, the higher the labor costs become.  We suggest a simple gable roof, but are up for whatever challenging design you throw our way.​